The Best Kids Smartwatches 2020

Are you wondering about your child? Do not worry the best kids smartwatches will satisfy your curiosity. In front of your eyes even if your child is away.

Children are our future so we must protect theme from any bad things. Following kids maybe more difficult with increasing ages. The article about The Best Kids Smartwatches 2020 prepared for dads and moms. By technologic developments some phisical follows are being easier than past time. Such as locations, scenery changes etc. We are just not interested of standing things. Sometimes moving car, walking people etc. Children sometimes do care of something we told theme. So we need to follow their some specific activities. Their friends, locations, heart status (if they are speed walking). The technology help us to solve our curiosity to be satisfied. Smartwatches maybe the best technologic productss which help us to follow kids activities. In this post we shared some of the best smartwatches for kids. If you interested you can look at the list. Lets start to find the best smartwatch to protect children. If you want to buy a smartwatch which is listed here you can find Buy Now button under the each list item title. At the end of this article you will find any other kids smartwatches not reviewed in this list. There you may find the best one.

1. Vowor 4G Smartwatch for Kids with Sim Card

Vowor Smartwatch for kids is coming with 4G sim card. Please care of to activate data and voice plan. Sim card is working in US. In different countries the may not work. Vowos smartwatch for kids includes many features. Face to face video calling, Chatting with voice, text messages, pedometer and geofencing, historical activity tracker, Remote monitoring on your smartphone or tablet, safe zones locator nad low battery alerts. Vowor smartwatch can use local Wifi. The band is made with soft silicon. So it does not damages your kids skin. So we added it to The Best Kids Smartwatches 2020. When watch is used at first choose GPS than wifi and at last LBS in same time. It is for between 3-15 years kids. At birthdate you can give a gift to your child

2. HWRM Kids Smartwatch

One of the best kids smartwatches HWRM Kids smartwatch. Coming with SOS button when your child is in trouble by double clicking can call you or any other member in your family. To determine who will be called, you must add your phone to the smartwatch. With this spec you will be able to direct talk with your child and your get learn current and real time location. The smartwatch has a camera to capture live events and video calling. The camera is beeing controlled from remotely. It can be used under water but it does not mean to wear all day in water. You can control remotely control power settings, Such as shut down, By low power alarm, it is usable to learn battery status. The smartwatch coming with 1 charge cable, user manuel and 2 kids smart watch band. For any other details you can read user manuel after you buy it. Note: the watch does not include free sim card. You must take it from a GSM provider. T-mobile is recommended.

3. EmojiKidz 4G smartwatch

EmojiKidz Kids smartwatch is coming with a preinstalled SpeedTalk SIM Card. By this we dediced it is one of The Best Kids Smartwatches 2020. With 4G technology high speed talks are easyly. For activating the sim card you must go on emojikidz offical website. There you can activate your sim card and choose a plan which starts 5$ montly prices. EmojiKidz smatwatch has also a SOS button. By clicking the SOS button the watch will send you your child last 30 seconds voice record and live activities. The smartwatch has many other great features. Safe zone locator : when your child is out of safe zones you mapped in device you will be alerted, Remote control : Control the device ignore foreign calls. When your child is at class you can look at him/her remotely. When doing this action your cute kids do not know you are following him/her. Location history tracker : the device can save your child 30 days location history. If you want to buy EmojiKids 4G smartwatch you can click buy now button above this paragraph.

4. Lsflair Smart Watch Phone 

Lsflair brand children smartwatch is 4th in our list. The desing a bit professional than some of others. But 4-12 years old children can use. The color combines are cute for kids. If you got this smartwatch your cute child may be so happy by to have Lsflair smartwatch. When we look at the features we can write our reviews about lsflair. Emergancy call (SOS). When SOS button clicked you will be called by your kid in 3 seconds. You must add 3 family members phone numbers after you get it. Two way voice calling . The watch is usable to add up to 10 contact numbers. Camera and Music: the seller sends 1 micro SD card 1GByou can use it for mp3 musics. You must add some music for your child to listen mp3s. Just mp3 files are supports. If you have an SD card reader you can make music list. The pictures are saved in SD card so you must put it the smartwatch before taking a photo. The watch only support 2G network coverage. So before buying it be sure 2g network is compatible with your geozone. There is a best thing about seller. They directly support for installation instructions. To get help from seller you must contact directly on amazon.

5. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch and Kids Toy

Brand Vtech is the last recommendation of our best kids smartwatches list 2020. Please be sure if you want to calls included smartwatch you must look other alternatives. This product is kids watch and toy for games. It does not support for video or voice calling.

If you want to control your children you should look at this one. When we look at the smartwatch. The watch has many easy specs. 55 different digital and analog desing, 2 cameras with touchscreen, 256 MB included storage. You can capture images and use theme as background. It can be charged with USB cable. To add new applications you have to use the usb charge cable. This is a pretty difficult to install another apps. But you can add new mp3 and download current captured images. With this spec you control over your cute childs. With some games and camera frame sets your kids may spend nice time. VTech kidizom is a kids toy.

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