Michael Kors Watches 2021

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Michael Kors Pyper Stainless Steel Watch

In this product, black and gold color are combined with a very good hormone. Michael kors watches different desinges, the minimalistic design of the watch allows it to create a pleasant appearance. There is a three-handed system inside the wide round main body. Small diamonds on the gold colored hour lines are the complementary elements of the design. Coming with a black leather strap, the product has made the color transitions suitable. The watch, which does not have a stopwatch or date window, has produced it in this way in order to preserve its minimalist design lines. Quartz watch movement will be sufficient for most people in terms of longevity. However, problems related to the battery of the watch have been brought up by many users. Even though it has a good appearance, functional problems are the disadvantages of the product

Main Features

  • Leather Strap and Stainless Steel Case
  • Adjustable Buckle Closure
  • Round Case
  • Water Resistance

Michael Kors Bradshaw Stainless Steel 43MM Chronograph Watch

This model from the American manufacturer has a gold tone color. Unlike other gold colored models, the watch has a matte tone and completed it with a black dial. The icons of five hour are larger than others and the gold tone on the black surface has increased the visibility. This model of michael kors watches also includes chronograph features, offers good possibilities in respect of functionality. It has determined a simple design line for women who want a dignified watch. Like other products of the manufacturer, this watch also has a quartz movement mechanism. The biggest criticism about the watch is that the coating on its strap is peeling off over time. Although the water resistance offered by the watch is suitable for many activities, it is not resistant to pressure. For this reason, the manufacturer does not provide coverage for activities such as scuba diving.

Main features

  • Dark Gold Tone Plating
  • Classic and Grave Design
  • Water Resistance
  • Analog Display

Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO Smartwatch

The watch stands out with color elements. The primary target of the watch, where the tones of pink are used in harmony, attracts the attention of women who are looking for a softer watch. It also differs from classical watches with its technological features. The product of Michael Kors Watches with a round dial does not use moving parts. Whole front body is completely touchscreen and the screen/body ratio is satisfying in this sense. Sensors that measure heart rhythm, ability to provide location information and NFC support are the significant features of the watch. It is also worth noting that it works on both Android and Apple devices. Of course, these technological features bring along some disadvantages. The fact that its cost is higher than classical watches has caused a decrease in material quality. The best example of this is the silicon band.

Main features

  • Touchscreen
  • GPS,NFC, Pulse
  • Smart Wear OS
  • Changeable Interface

Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

The watch has a stainless steel case and the dial and band part of it are gold colored. It is similar to the classic gold plated watch designs on market. The product is bright and eye catching with its shiny hour and minute hands and diamond texture inside. In this way, it has a good shape for those who want to attract people’s attention. Stopwatch and date window features make the watch more functional. When it comes to durability, the general build quality satisfies most of the customers. The quality of the control buttons is also sufficient. Although the resistance to water does not guarantee a high level of protection. Even though it provides protection against low level liquid contact, direct contact with water may cause the watch to malfunction. As a result, this watch is suitable for those who want a remarkable and shiny watch. Considering that bright gems and mechanical parts will not deteriorate with the quality production offered by the brand, this watch can be preferred.

Main features

  • Gold plated stainless steel
  • Three-hand movement
  • Stopwatch Function, Date Window
  • Buckle Clasp

Michael Kors Men’s MK8660 – Merrick

The most striking design element when examining this watch is the correct use of silver and gold. These colors, which are used not only on the main body of the watch but also on the band, have created an eye catching design. It offers correct timing with three-hand analog display with quartz movement. The most effective feature of combining the chronograph display with these colors is that it can be used in harmony with most clothes. A beautiful theme is obtained by placing double hour scales with numbers, while others are indicated by a dash. The round dial is preferred in a big shape and this is because it makes it look more impressive and striking on the wrist. When the reviews of the buyers about the watch are examined, there is no problem in general, but some users have experienced mechanical problems. However, these are problems that can be easily overcome with the service offered by the company.

Main features

  • Two Tone Classic Design
  • 50m (165ft) Water Resistance
  • Stainless Steel Band

Michael Kors Bradshaw Stainless Steel 43MM Chronograph Watch

Black is the favorite color of most people and is used in many areas, not just clothing and accessories. This common black color usage owes this to the harmony with all colors and representation of dignity. In this model of Michael Kors, we recognize that it achieved this with black coating on stainless steel. In general, the color tones of the dial and the outer case are used in contrast. This is due to the effort to achieve striking by using the contrast of colors. However, this watch set aside all the rules and proved how impressive the black dial can also look. Although this watch is produced in the same quality as most watches of the brand, its design features have made it very different from others. It is one of the watches we can recommend for those who like black and want a durable watch.

Main features

  • 100m (330ft) Water Resistance
  • Fully Black Design
  • Quartz Movements
  • Stainless Steel